You never imagined it would come to this. Yet here you are with your family in transition as you face a tsunami of emotional, legal, financial, and real estate matters. 

We know that real estate transactions are complex by nature, and even more so with separation and divorce. As real estate brokers, we have the fiduciary (legal) responsibility to always look out for our client's best interests. We are also trained negotiators, and we focus on risk reduction. 

As real estate separation and divorce specialists. we have the expertise to guide you through this most challenging process while showing empathy, remaining neutral, and communicating consistently. At the same time we consult with our network of professionals to facilitate the collection of relevant documents, getting you the information you need to make informed decisions about the best options for you and your family relating to your real property.

And as with all things real estate, time is of the essence and this is no exception. We can often be of the most help to you prior to or during mediation, before your decisions about the house are locked in. 

We are real estate separation and divorce specialists; ready to help you.. move forward with more™.